Kris Menace @ Redrum tonight

And a small reminder: Nerd Network favorite Kris Menace will be at Redrum tonight so if you don't have made any plans yet this event is strongly recommended.

Underworld - Ring Road (Kris Menace Remix)

Minitel Rose

Happy New Year 2009.

Minitel Rose - Elevator (ASP Remix)


Something to dance to

A couple of requests.. 320kbps

Mylo - Drop The Pressure (Laidback Luke Bootleg)

Pryda - Miami Atlanta (Simon Wolter Edit)

Pryda vs. Julie McKnight - Diamond Life / Muranyi


Fred MF Falke

Fred adds some additional flavor to an already great tune. Like pouring a bit of XO into a glass of glühwein.

Ladyhawke - Back Of The Van (Fred Falke Ultimate Beverly Mix)


Boxing Day dance

Happy holidays from yours truly as well. Tonight it's about time to get down in somewhat cheesy retro fashion. Boom.

Ivan - Fotonovela (Capitulo II)
Bad Yard Club - In De Ghetto (1996 Anthem Mix)
Dimples D - Sucker Drums


Merry Christmas

Two of my favorite christmas songs. The first one from my all time favorite alcoholic Shane McGowan and the Pogues together with Kirsty McColl in fairytale of New York:

The Pogues and Kirsty McColl - Fairytale of New York

The second one from Swedish project Sally Shapiro remixed by Nerd Network favorites Anoraak.

Sally Shapiro - Anorak Christmas (Anoraak Christmas remix)

Sophisticated 2008

This year has been a more melodic and sophisticated year in the blogosphere. With artists like Ladyhawke, The Twelves, Anoraak, College and Pnau topping the download charts. Here are two of my favorites this year, of the more sophisticated releases. The first one is from the Brazilian guys in The Twelves. The duo is probably most famous for remixing The Virgins' track Rich Girls and The Black Kids remix. However, I don't think the remixes are even close to the quality of When You Talk which really sounds as dreamy and melodic as the western France stuff posted here on the Network.

The second track I decided to post is from Chateau Marmont. Chateau Marmont comes from Paris and is most famous for a wide range of remixes. For example the remix of Ladyhawke's My Delirium and the forthcoming remix of Swedish favorites Peter, Björn and John. This one right here reminds me of my teenage favorites Phoenix and is very well worth listening to.


I Love 80's

This got all the 80's you could ask for. A cool discohouse track produced by Mike 303.

Mike 303 - I Love 80's


Clivillés and Cole productions (pt. 2)

A really nice dance/house dub of Black Or White by C&C, mostly for deejays who know exactly what they are doing.

Michael Jackson - Black Or White (Dub Mix)


Clivillés and Cole productions

Kind of epic 10 plus minute dance/house version of Whitney's I'm Every Woman.

Whitney Houston - I'm Every Woman (Clivillés & Cole House Mix I)



The new Jaunt single on Kris Menace's label Work It Baby!

Jaunt - Lipstick

Kraze - The Party

Kraze aka Richard Jean Laurent began songwriting and performing in 1985. In 1988 he created "The Party" which became an instant classic and was the second official release in the newly found Big Beat records' catalog. Here at 320kbps:

Kraze - The Party (Club Mix)


New Falke

Grandmaster Fred has remixed Mini Viva's new track Left my heart in Tokyo.

Mini Viva's - Left My Heart In Tokyo (Fred Falke Dub)


Moby x Holy Ghost

An absolutely amazing Moby remix by Network favorites Holy Ghost!

Moby - I Love To Move In Here (Holy Ghost! Remix)

Disco Dancing Therapy

International Music System released this gem back in 1984. This is definetely one of my top 5 italo tracks.

I.M.S. - Dancing Therapy

In addition to this Italo gem, I would like to give you some more dancing therapy. This time by Lipps Inc. in the form of How long, sampled by for example Justus Köhncke in Timecode.

Lipps Inc. - How Long

Some new Kitsune stuff

La Roux remixed, Fucking Awesome. Autokratz has really given this sweet indie tune a face lift.

La Roux - Quicksand (Autokratz remix)

Baron Von Luxxury

The Baron over at The Disco Workout is on to some serious remixing. This one is fairly old but hard to find nowadays, so I feel like remembering about his remixing qualities.

Scissors for Lefty - Ghetto Ways (Baron Von Luxxury remix)

When The Pupil Meets Her Master

Phillipa Brown a.k.a Ladyhawke is doing some good stuff right now as we have noticed earlier here on Nerd Network. However, in every game there is a master. In this case Stevie Nicks, the old Fleetwood Mac singer has shown how to do it in edge of seventeen with guitars sampled by Destiny's Child.

Ladyhawke - My delerium (JBAG Hot pop remix)

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen

Stevie Nicks - Edge of Seventeen (Crash Overdrive remix)


House Kiinnostaa Final

This saturday (13/12) at Redrum = Last official episode of excursions in the world of old classic house with a splash of new things (like this)

Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Laidback Luke Remix)

Don't forget to check out my favorite quasi-scientific Chromeo slash Treasure Fingers works:

Chromeo - 100% (Treasure Fingers Remix)

Treasure Fingers - Cross The Dancefloor (Chromeo Remix)



Wow simply amazing melancholic pop music from Pegase. A side project from Minitel Rose's Raphael @ 256 kbps

Pegase -Without Reasons (Demo)



Finally Tiga's Mind Dimension 2 got a proper release

Tiga - Mind Dimension 2 (Original Mix)


Klubb Dromedar


Fantasy Park by College

The new College album is out! Here's a brilliant remix in order to celebrate the release - College x Anoraak x Moulinex!!!

College feat Anoraak - Fantasy Park (Moulinex Remix)


Deep At Night

From small bars to clubs to arenas we've done it. This is definitely something for the bigger venues by two fellow Finns - Ercola and Heikki. Heikki is a hardboiled veteran of our dance music scene and Ercola.. well, you can never go wrong with Carrera shades.

Ercola & Heikki L. - Deep At Night (Adam K & Soha Remix)



Facebook Event


Aeroplane Remix

The Belgian Aeroplane remix for Friendy fires is just brilliant. I know it has been all over the blogs for a while now, but it worked so well on Wednesday @ Laserdans, that I have no other choice than post it on Nerd Network aswell

Friendly Fires - Paris (Feat Au Revoir Simone) (Aeroplane Remix)


Nerd Network at Laserdans tonight

Tonight at Redrum. Friends = Fyrre & yours truly.

Pineapples feat. Douglas Roop - Come On Closer


Heads We Dance Meets Sidechains

The upcoming Leeds band Heads We Dance, is soon releasing their new single The Human Touch. After previously released a a heavy limited 7" on their own label. This time they get some help from Barcelona by Sidechains and let him put his touch to this remix of an excellent track.

Heads We Dance - The Human Touch (Sidechains Remix)


Bobby "O" Orlando

"Dedicated to the fine art of dance orientated music"

Barbie & The Kens - Just A Gigolo (1980)

The Flirts - Passion (1982)

Divine - Native Love (Step By Step) (1982)

Band Of South - Sensitive (1986)



One of my favorite italo got released in 1987 on Blanco Y Negro (Spain).

Mata-Hari - Mata Hari

Shouts to 80's cop


Fate remix

My favorite track off Chaka Khan's Life Is A Dance [The Remix Project] album.

Chaka Khan - Fate (David Shaw & Winston Jones Remix)


Laserdans promo mix

Lauri Soini has a creative and musical background. Although at the same time when his mother wanted him to take violin lessons, he was more interested in computers. Meanwhile he also managed to study in an art school.

"When dad was listening his Stevie Wonder records, I bet he didn't expect to see me playing the very same vinyl years after in a club to young people."

The real passion for electronic music hit Lauri in the year 1990 when he heard house mixes for the first time.

"Those new sounds took me quickly into different electronic styles from deep to more intense stuff. Thanks to Gilles Peterson's 'A Thing Called Jazz' radio program back then I became also familiar with all kinds of fresh music influenced strongly by jazz and soul."

Somewhere in the mid-nineties Lauri started to produce his own material and also began Djing more seriously. At that time his selection included mainly techno, but also deep house records.

"Chain Reaction and Maurizio -style techno had a great impact on me then and they still inspire me a lot."

Since then Lauri has been playing records at various events all around. Apart from DJing you could find his DJ-sets and tracks being played by national radio stations. Recently Lauri did come up with a few very appreciated solo live performances.

Lauri's musical style as a DJ can be shortly described as deep dance music with influences from everything. He did gain some respect with house mixes before, but shortly after 2002 he moved more into jazz and bossa material that turned out to be very refreshing change for dance floors.

"Besides my eclectic musical style, places where I like to perform vary from cozy lounge rooms and clubs to trashy bars and sometimes quite heavy underground events and outdoor festivals."

Currently Laserdans is one of the regular club nights Lauri aka 80's Cop is hosting in Helsinki.

Download 80's Cop - Laserdans mix [90min, 128kbps] (zshare)

1. John Barry - The Black Hole / Six Robots
2. Big Ben Tribe - Tarzan Loves The Summer Nights
3. The Voyagers - Distant Planet
4. Peter Richard - Walking In The Neon
5. Ajello & Baldelli - Cosmogony
6. Loui$ - Magic Dance
7. O'Gar - Playback Fantasy
8. Anders Lundqvist - Star Dust
9. The Creatures - Believe In Yourself
10. Mr Master - A Dog In The Night
11. Stereo - Somewhere In The Night
12. Mr Pauli - Pick Up The Phone
13. Cyber People - Void Vision
14. Klapto - Mister Game
15. Flexxy - Ball Theme
16. Camaros Gang - Fuerza Major
17. Zombi - Sapphire
18. Anders Lundqvist - Stratosphere


More Valerie stuff

We can't get enough of the Valerie stuff that is out there right now. This one by The Outrunners, remixed by Russ Chimes is an excellent track. Check it out:

The Outrunners - These Girls are Dressed to Kill (Russ Chimes Remix)

Alaska in Winter

Synth pop and electro in combination with Berlin and Germany has always been a good combination. It sure is in this case, Berlin based Alaska in Winter have been getting some support from Zach Condon of Beirut. Zach Condon stands for pure quality and he has produced music since the age of 15. Berlin is a track that gives the same feeling as the french counterparties on the Valerie label, but a little bit darker. Winter in Alaskas second album will be released the 18th of November, so support them and buy the album.

Alaska in Winter - Berlin



A quick request rip from the crates for one of our readers. Mary J. Blige over Bohannon Hamilton or should I say an Ed OG instrumental. Reminds me of Pori Jazz festival last july even though I can't recall whether she did this song or not.

Mary J. Blige - Ooh!


Gucci Time

Tomorrow welcome

Shut Up And Dance - Raving I'm Raving


Bad Passion

The tallest chief in the picture, Giancarlo Meo, is responsible for producing some of the baddest italo disco ever. Meo was at his prime 1978 through 1985. Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning good.

Steel Mind - Bad Passion


This boy's in love

This boy's in love...Here we got yet another masterpiece by Lifelike.

The Presents - This Boy's In Love (Lifelike Remix)


Phonat Teach You How To Recycle

Italian born Phonat is a rising star on the trash electro scene. His new track learn to recycle is an excellent trash track. There seem to be a lot of good trash electro out right now, see for example our Heartsrevolution posts to find out more. Phonat has also remixed Fire for fellow countrymen The Young Punx.

Phonat - Learn to recycle (4 to the floor mix)
The Young Punx - Fire (Phonat Remix)


Business Woman

The three french boys in Minitel Rose have made so much good sophisticated electronic pop. However, we only provide you with the stuff we think are the best, so here is business woman.

Minitel Rose - Business Woman


The French based David Greiller's College has released a new record "The Energy Store" on Valerie. I can only give this record a strong buy recommendation. This have to be one if this years best pop singles. I really heart the spohisticated sound and the catchy basslines. However, I am sorry for the low bitrate on the file.

College feat. Minitel Rose - The Energy Story


Skateboard video music part 2

What´s So Strange About Me? off Every Day Is Like A New Beginning by Eight Dayz was featured as the opening scene music in the classic Santa Cruz video Wheels Of Fire back in 1987. Fun facts are that Eight Dayz had German Santa Cruz prorider Claus Grabke singing the vocals and that this album first came out in 1989 on German New Wind Records which only had 3 releases, Every Day Is Like A New Beginning being their last. Those were the Dayz.


What you gonna do when you cross that line...

I'm actually at a dinner party in Sweden right now. However, when something is spinning better than the rest, you are forced to give your readers da shit. Mr. Fucking - A himself, Breakbot, has remixed Sneaky Sound System's When We Were Young, and it is kicking big time.

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)


Front 242 documentary

A rare Front 242 documentary from pbs in the 80's converted from an old vhs tape. Thanks to 80's Cop for the link!

Part I (10:00)

Part II (10:00)

Part III (8:48)

Children of the Night

A little less known, although as timeless as ever Chicago house, just great for a saturday night.

Kevin Irving - Children Of The Night

5 Reasons

Why Rick Rubin is closer to God than your average producer.

1. Danzig - Danzig (1988)

2. Run-DMC - Raising Hell (1986)

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

4. Slayer - Reign In Blood (1986)

5. Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush The Show (1987)