Friendly game of Finnish baseball

A little late on this one but no matter what I wanted to share with the world. Tahko from Hyvinkää are the champions of Finnish baseball (bka pesäpallo). The above clip is from the game #3. A sweet homerun by Simo Eerikäinen.

De La Soul - Fanatic of the B word


New Jay-Z

King back.

Jay-Z - Blue Magic [320kbps]

Jay-Z - Roc Boys [320kbps]


Push the feeling on

Tonight I will be playing at Jani Tolin aka Alfons Helsinki birthday bash with a close ally of the Network, DJ Anonymous, so it's going to be nothing but good times, memories and future. Expect to hear this classic among all other songs:

Nightcrawlers - Push The Feeling On (Extended mix) [320 kbps]