Heavyweights pt.1

One of my alltime favorite duos - EPMD.


Godfathers, Carelian stew and Cochy-Vichy*

*Back from my short midsummer hiatus. Shoutout to my dad's cousin whom I hadn't seen in 16 years 2 days exactly. All types of marketing people have been reminding me about this new Nina Sky package lately. Better than these ladies first single attempt Sugar Daddy, this could be there or not. Daytona! Daytona! Who the hell is Daytona?!

Nina Sky feat. Daytona - Get Your Clothes Off [256 kbps]

Nina Sky - Get Your Clothes Off (no rap) [256 kbps]

Nina Sky - Get Your Clothes Off (instrumental) [256 kbps]


Shake your tambourine

Even though not brand new, I happen to like this very Missy Elliottish/Busta Rhymish video. I have no idea what the heck the song is about but does that really matter.. Most of it is chorus anyway. Produced by Swizz Beatz who seems to be like 4 people nowadays:

Produced by Swizz Beatz for Swizz Beatz Productions
Produced by Marlin Hookman Bonds for Young World Music Group
Co-produced by Greg Mayhem Taylor and Carlisle Young for Young World Music Group / Relentless Management

Ok, enough bitching - here - we - go:

Eve - Tambourine [320 kbps]
Eve - Tambourine instrumental [320 kbps]
bonus track and my personal powerplay from back in the day (shout out to DJ Blah and Skem - 2000 til infinity!)
The Lox feat. Eve - Ryde Or Die Bitch [320 kbps]

Hanoi rocks, Tokyo raps

Tokyo's own Teriyaki Boyz featuring Kanye on the mic and production plus Nigo behind the wheels of steel. The song's titled "I Still Love H.E.R." Pleez pay attention to the subtitles. Damn I miss Tokyo. At least I managed to do some shopping at Tokyokan today which upgrades me from a regular blog nerd to a 3rd dan chef nerd. If anyone has a VHS/DVD copy of Tampopo, holla at me - haven't seen it since '85-'87.


Don't watch me...

Watch my feet. Chi-town up in this... Produced by Xcel of Shawnna/DTP "Gettin Some" fame. Backed by TVT, let's see where it goes. We as deejays could play a part in this. I know some of you are not ready, whereas some were born ready. Post your opions in comments.

Dude & Nem - Watch My Feet [320kbps]

Dude & Nem myspace page


Caribbean connection aka shottas

Since I never watch TV and (always) iz all about the music, the video is here just to provide some visual side to this post. Oh yes the video.. can you say deja vu?

T.I. feat. Wyclef - You Know What It Is [256 kbps]
bonus tracks
Big Punisher feat. Wyclef - Caribbean Connection [320 kbps]
The Fugees - Ready Or Not [320 kbps]
Johnny Osbourne - Ready Or Not [256 kbps]

Beg for it

Produced by Timbaland & co.

Omarion - Beg For It [320kbps]
Omarion - Beg For It instrumental [320kbps]

Right here

Blades of Glory. Finally saw it. Will Ferrell is 2k7 Chevy Chase. "I guess I'd have to say three men who've been influential to my career have been number one: Bill Clinton, number two: lead guitarist of Quiet Riot.. whose name escapes me and third is... actually it's only two, those two guys."

Billy Squier - The Stroke [192kbps]
Aerosmith - I Don't Want To Miss A Thing [192kbps]


Don't believe the hype

For me, Norton Antivirus products have always been like US Treasury notes - reliable with 100% protection and maturing in 12 months or so. Yesterday I spent a whole day realizing the truth isn't so. I trusted my properly updated Norton Antivirus so much that I attached an infected harddrive to my computer in order to save the important stuff from that hd. Results: 1 wreck and another infected machine. The Norton I had running on my computers did absolutely nothing to prevent the Recycler virus from copying itself to all attached drives and randomly rebooting or shutting down the system. I was really close to desperation until I installed a freeware antivirus software called Avast.

For those caking up my boy recommended this.

I'm too tired to list all the reasons why Norton sucks, for those interested check here. Though from 2k5 most of these anti-features still apply.


Casio beats

"Ever unsure just how much to tip your server at a restaurant? With this 8-digit calculator watch, you can do so with confidence."

Summer 2007 - it's Casio time!


Coming of age

I will remember the year 2007 as the year when I started blogging and music cd's disappeared; and when hiphop, mixtapes and print flyers were almost as dead as minidiscs.

Anyhow, in the future I will be posting music and some other more or less interesting things here on a very irregular basis.