Phonat Teach You How To Recycle

Italian born Phonat is a rising star on the trash electro scene. His new track learn to recycle is an excellent trash track. There seem to be a lot of good trash electro out right now, see for example our Heartsrevolution posts to find out more. Phonat has also remixed Fire for fellow countrymen The Young Punx.

Phonat - Learn to recycle (4 to the floor mix)
The Young Punx - Fire (Phonat Remix)


Business Woman

The three french boys in Minitel Rose have made so much good sophisticated electronic pop. However, we only provide you with the stuff we think are the best, so here is business woman.

Minitel Rose - Business Woman


The French based David Greiller's College has released a new record "The Energy Store" on Valerie. I can only give this record a strong buy recommendation. This have to be one if this years best pop singles. I really heart the spohisticated sound and the catchy basslines. However, I am sorry for the low bitrate on the file.

College feat. Minitel Rose - The Energy Story


Skateboard video music part 2

What´s So Strange About Me? off Every Day Is Like A New Beginning by Eight Dayz was featured as the opening scene music in the classic Santa Cruz video Wheels Of Fire back in 1987. Fun facts are that Eight Dayz had German Santa Cruz prorider Claus Grabke singing the vocals and that this album first came out in 1989 on German New Wind Records which only had 3 releases, Every Day Is Like A New Beginning being their last. Those were the Dayz.


What you gonna do when you cross that line...

I'm actually at a dinner party in Sweden right now. However, when something is spinning better than the rest, you are forced to give your readers da shit. Mr. Fucking - A himself, Breakbot, has remixed Sneaky Sound System's When We Were Young, and it is kicking big time.

Sneaky Sound System - When We Were Young (Breakbot Remix)


Front 242 documentary

A rare Front 242 documentary from pbs in the 80's converted from an old vhs tape. Thanks to 80's Cop for the link!

Part I (10:00)

Part II (10:00)

Part III (8:48)

Children of the Night

A little less known, although as timeless as ever Chicago house, just great for a saturday night.

Kevin Irving - Children Of The Night

5 Reasons

Why Rick Rubin is closer to God than your average producer.

1. Danzig - Danzig (1988)

2. Run-DMC - Raising Hell (1986)

3. Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magik (1991)

4. Slayer - Reign In Blood (1986)

5. Public Enemy - Yo! Bum Rush The Show (1987)


Kick ass Gothenburg Ramdidamdidamdidam

My Gothenburg based cousins in Ramdidam has made a new EP out later this autumn. The EP produced in Kristian Anttila's studio is a pure kick ass indie killer with evident influences ranging from the strokes to shoegaze. I strongly recommend this one!!


Ramdidam - Flashbacks



French producer Anoraak released his ep Nightdrive With You in September. I really just got it. The Original version is a dreamy pop song that I hope our readers will enjoy as much as I do.

Anoraak - Nightdrive With You


Stars Falling over Moulinex

London based Cicada consisting of Aaron Gilbert, Alex Payne and Heidrun Bjornsdottir has made the excellent track Falling Stars. However, the remix provided by the genius of Moulinex is even more Thirsty.

Cicada - Falling Stars (Moulinex Remix)

Some New Bag Raiders Stuff

My old Aussie favorites Bag Raiders on Bang Gang has produced some new Awesome stuff. The tracks consists of one banger Turbo Love and the softer and totaly adorable Shooting Stars.

Bag Raiders - Shooting Stars
Bag Raiders - Turbo Love

And the remix of fellow Australians - The Galvatrons: This is an awesome track, especially after around 3 minutes!!

The Galvatrons - When We Were Kids (Bag Raiders Remix)


I Heart HeartsRevolution

The american trash electro guys and girls in Heartsrevolution gotta be the best thing that came out of the trash scene scince crystal castles. Support heartsrevolution by buying some nice tees, masks, makeup or records at Heartschallenger. I especially recommend the Sonic Me remix of Digital suicide and the Change Your Own Adventure! (CYOA!) original version.

HeartsRevolution - CYOA!
HeartsRevolution - Switchblade (Toxic Avenger Remix)
HeartsRevolution - Prism Effect (feat. Cory Kennedy)
HeartsRevolution - Digital Suicide (Sonic Me Remix)
HeartsRevolution - CYOA! (Paparazzi Remix)


More Jori

The new Kid Cudi remix by Jori Hulkkonen!

Kid Cudi - Day 'N' Nite (Jori Hulkkonen Remix)


Remember Leisure Suit Larry

Some of you randy gamers out there would have fond memories of Al Lowe, best remembered for being the creator of the wildly popular Leisure Suit Larry series. Here's a replica of the famous 1987 Sierra On-line classic Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards (PC only, sorry!).

Fred Falke Helsinki

Fred Falke was performing last night at Rose Garden Helsinki. Simply one of the better nights that I've experienced in a while.


Paolo Mojo + Eric Prydz PT 2

If you haven't heard this one I strongly recommended it. A trancy sounded house tune produced by two heavyweights of the house scene at the moment.

Paolo Mojo Feat Jim Rivers - Ron Hardy Said (Eric Prydz Remix)

P.S. If anybody has the Eric Prydz - Helvetet > please holler.

Blogger hates rap x Kanye hates internet

This one in particular. It's not that bad that the whole post should be deleted.

In addition, we have noticed that all posts containing any reference to Kanye West will be deleted by Blogger. Therefore you'll have to look for Kanye's music somewhere else in the future.


The Frankfurt Sound

Moskwa Television with their frontman Talla 2XLC who was mainly responsible for the Frankfurt techno club scene in the 80's provides us, here with a gem from 1985. Tekno Talk is a track well worth spending some time listening to.

Moskwa TV - Tekno Talk


Sex Panther by Odeon

It's called Sex Panther by Odeon. It's illegal in nine countries... Yep, it's made with bits of real panther, so you know it's good...They've done studies, you know. 60% of the time it works, every time.

Panthers - Goblin City (Holy Ghost! Remix)

Fred Falke in Helsinki

Falke started out as a bass player around 1995 before starting producing records in the late 90's. His first record, a collaboration with Alan Braxe named Intro, was released in 2000 on Vulture Music. The pair would form a very productive partnership up until 2008 when they went separate ways.

Falke has also collaborated with France-based German producer, DJ and close friend Kris Menace, as well as having released records on Menace's label Work It Baby.

Pnau feat Ladyhawke - Embrace (Fred Falke & Miami Horror Remix)



Sometimes the final product might have to go through several experts before it's ready. First now I consider "Bounce" as something to add to my sets. At the same time the expectations on A-Trak's upcoming album are really starting to rise.

MSTRKRFT feat NORE - Bounce (A-Trak Remix)


N Love With My Money

Southern rap wasn't always about laffy taffy or wobble wobble. It was genuinely about love, money and getting Paid In Full.

OG Ron C feat Chamillionaire & Paul Wall - N Love With My Money

Acid Over

Last night at Redrum was a big success. Shout out to Mika Snickars for rocking out with some great slept-on house tunes and Pete at Kill City Sport for the afterparty. Here's one of yesterday's heavyhitting latenight tracks on Chicago's legendary Underground Records.

Tyree - Acid Over

Service Pack 3 pain

Nerd Network operates roughly speaking half on pc, half on mac. It is a known fact that XP is still more stable OS for pc than Vista. For those who find Service Pack 3 updates and such irritating, we recommend this new ANTIWPA-V346_FOR_X64_AND_X86 -patch. We heard from guaranteed sources that it really works and is easy to run (no booting in safemode needed).


House kiinnostaa tonight


Come On Miss Broadway

Let's start back in 1976 when french guys had never heard about house, and Cerrone was their leader. The same bloody Cerrone that on his album covers looked like he had had a plate of coke for breakfeast and half of it got stuck on his moustache. About 25 plus some years later, Seven 30 picked up some french disco, added scratches of Flavor Flav vocals and made some real dope shit.

Seven 30, by the way, are the legendary Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz from the Bronx. Put your sawed-off shotguns in the air!

Seven 30 - Come On

La Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway (Disco Version)

Jori Hulkkonen aka Zyntherius

Jori Hulkkonen tonight at Nolla, Helsinki. Check out the Tocadisco remix of Sunglasses At Night.

Tiga & Zyntherius - Sunglasses At Night (Tocadisco Heavy Remix

Sex Faces

Bun B live in Helsinki tonight. They were supposed to bring 'Face as well but he cancelled (roughly 50% of all rap gigs announced in Finland get cancelled, a rather strange tendency). Anyway here we have a great promo ep from 1998 and it's brilliant opening track - Sex (Fuck?) Faces.

Scarface feat. Too Short, Devin & Tela - Sex Faces

EDIT: Get the dirty version - Fuck Faces - here.


The Whitest Boy Alive

Not many know that The Whitest Boy Alive started in Berlin, Germany as an electronic dance music project in 2003. It has since then developed into a band without any programmed elements and is nowadays known as that band/song Fred Falke turned into huge hit. However, here is what I consider their best production - the original Inflation on Kitsuné Music.

The Whitest Boy Alive - Inflation



At Nerd Network we love Ultraviolence and guns. Therefore, we and HeartsRevolution want to provide you with some ultraviolence straight out of New York via Paris and Kitsune.

HeartsRevolution - UltraViolence


Cut It Up In Good Fashion

This post is late, but WTF are they eating in Denmark? The Danish switch blade knives is so good. The Danish rockers from The Fashion meets the more electro oriented Tiger Baby and they seem to have a hell of a party going on. This rework would make entire indie and hipster families to throw their t-shirts and step up on the tables or hang in the lamps.

The Fashion vs. Tiger baby - Like knives

The Berlin based Daniel Dexter has also spent some moments of truth with the Danes, and made something from Like Knives that you have to listen to.

The Fashion - Like Knives (Daniel Dexter Remix)

Mega Man Does it 8-Bit Style

The genius behind Sally Shapiro has done it again, this time it's Mega Man that has got a plastic surgery. This fairly old gem by The Gothenburg based producer Johan Agebjörn is taking Mega Man to the next level. Mega Man have claimed that this is best track he ever heard. Of course, you can see him going bananas in 8-bit fashion on dancefloors across central Tokyo.

Johan Agebjörn - Mega Man II

Best of both worlds (pt. 3)

Another great promo only Trackmasters remix from the year 2000 that had both wannabe thugs and r&b chicks on the floor at the same time. This 12" was pretty hard to get when it was released but also a must-have for any serious urban DJ. The file is from a NM vinyl just in case anyone is wondering how worn my club copy is.

Mya feat. Jay-Z - Best Of Me (Remix)


Word from our sponsor

Nerd Network has been notified that certain content in our blog, according to the terms of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA), infringes upon the copyrights of others.

We have thus taken a time trip back to 1986 and the EBM wave: Just this week we received a brand new 4-track promo ep from the God-blessed West-German Modell Records. In our opinion Road Movie (B2) is the most suitable für Disko Tanz.

Mystery Plane - Road Movie

For further inquiries and interviews, write to:

Modell Records
Postbox 554
D-4250 Bottrop 1
West Germany


Segertåget by Maskinen

Holy bubbling basslines! Nerd Network welcomes a new power forward to the team - straight outta Sweden (and now grounded in the Nokia land for 1,2,...,n years) - mr. Magnus Blomkvist!

Maskinen - Segertåget

Never Miss A Beat

As hard as we try to stay away from the everyday blog hype, sometimes you just have to give in. Personally, I kind of never paid attention to the mega-hyped Cut Copy, partly due to the unavoidable fact that there is a strong asymmetry between the music tastes of the general internet mass and mine. However, this exact Kaiser Chiefs remix appeared a couple of weeks ago on Discodust and is absolutely bananas. Straight no chaser indie reworked into a hipsterish dance floor banger with an evident italo disco influence. Lyrics dedicated to our buddies at Hanken in Helsinki.

Kaiser Chiefs - Never Miss A Beat (Cut Copy Remix)