Best of both worlds (pt. 2)

A promo only double A-side 12" from 2001. This was one of my powerplays at the legendary Kerma, back then.

Michael Jackson feat. Jay-Z - You Rock My World (Track Masters Remix)


House music (pt.2)

Big saturday coming up! House music all night long! Below are a couple of classic vocal tracks that will help you make it through these rainy winter days. The first one is an epic promo only edit by the one'n'only FK, released in 1991. Second on the platter is a beautiful vocal gospel track by Kenny Bobien, produced by Masters At Work in 1998.

Frankie Knuckles feat. Lisa Michaelis - Rainfalls (Rainapella)

Kenny Bobien - Rise Above The Storm

Bonus track is by one of my most respects fellow Finns - Klas "Sasse" Lindblad aka Freestyle Man. This one's off his 1999 "Solid Support" EP.

Freestyle Man - Tender Rain


Treat em just fine

A new remix from the queen of R&B and hip hop soul. Chubb Rockish re-treatment by Swizz Beats.

Mary J. Blige - Just Fine (Treat 'Em Right remix)

bonus track for the mix

Chubb Rock - Treat 'Em Right


Lil Wayne

New Lil Wayne single Kush and as bonus the Jazze Pha produced Weezy Earthquake from his excellent album The Carter.

Lil Wayne - Kush

Lil Wayne - Earthquake


Techno Classics

Two techno classics. Enjoy

Green Velvet - Flash

Model 500 - No Ufo's(remix)



Two classic Bay Area independent raps from the mid 90's

City Side Crew - Kali

Dereliks - Iz On Some Other



After buying a sampler and a sequencing program (Cubase on the Atari) in 1992, Red Foo began to take his musical dreams seriously. He started producing local hiphop acts in LA - Dilated Peoples (first demos), Vol 10 (Pistol Grip Pump Remix UK Jazz Version) and Ahmad. Under producer name Kendal, Red Foo co-wrote and produced the gold single "Back In The Day" (original version) and 8 of 10 songs on Ahmad's self entitled album on Giant/Warner Records.

In 1994, Red Foo produced Coolio's hit "I Remember" (the west coast remix) and then formed his own group Red Foo & Dre' Kroon. The duo put out the "Balance Beam" album and did everything independent. The whole project resulted in a couple of hot singles: "Life Is a Game of Chess remix" and "The Freshest" feat. Evidence, DJ Revolution and Promise.

"Those singles charted on Billboard and we sold a lot of vinyl but we never got paid from the distributors....so we went broke!" -Red Foo

Red Foo and Sky Blu are now ready for 2008 as LMFAO. Besides their reworking of Clumsy, we recommend also that all beatnik jive turkey nerdster deejays go check out their myspace player for further material. And oh yes, the content is explicit.

LMFAO - Clumsy remix 320 kbps

LMFAO - I'm In Miami Bitch



An essential piece of Baltimore's history in club music:

Scotty B had one copy in the store at the time...when he realized what was on the record, he called the record company and ordered 100 copies of this killer club classic. -DJ Technics

Precious Red - Think (Precious Female Preachin' mix)

Precious Red - Think (Farley's mix)

Best of both worlds (Part 1)

Back home from a 90s hiphop night which (so much as I wished) could have ended with this song from 1995.

R.Kelly feat. Notorious BIG - (You To Be) Happy


New Missy

New Missy Elliott @ 320

Missy Elliott - Ching A Ling (radio)


Unfinished Business

This is Frankie Knuckles' Re-Version of the Omni's original. And what a job he did! One of my favourite songs of all time.

Unfinished Business - Out Of My Hands


Heaven 17

Heaven 17 - Let Me Go (Extended Mix)