It's the m****f***ing remix

One of the better recent r'n'b remixes.

Janet Jackson feat. Busta Rhymes, Ciara, Fabolous - Feedback remix


Living For Love

Nice garage track from 2001 on the legendary New York label Nervous Records. Produced by Frank Delour who also used to put out party breaks on AV8.

Frank Delour feat. Leslie Carter - Living For Love (Vocal)

Check also the dub version


Three 6 Mafia

New Three 6 Mafia. To me it sounds a little too poppy. But it should do well in the clubs. And as a bonus I throw a song from the 2000 album When The Smoke Clears "I'm So..."

Three 6 Mafia - Lolli Lolli (Pop That body)

Three 6 Mafia - I'm So...


New Ne-Yo

New Ne-Yo @ 320

Ne-Yo - Closer

Not everyone understands

An already classic tune released on Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi Recordings in 1997.

Eddie Amador - House Music


Lyrics to go

There was a time when rap had a real message. Network dedicates this one to our Foreign Minister.

2 Live Crew - Ugly As Fuck



This had it's release late last year. What a nice house tune with a killer pjanoo. Just how we like it at the Nerd Network office.

Dab Hands - Supergood (Made In London Mix)


Time To Party

Relatively early house from New Jersey. Appears on The History Of The House Sound Of Chicago compilation. In good rotation last night. Gucci crew GT galore!

Gary L. - Time (Time To Party)


Gucci time

Gucci Time grand opening tonight at Redrum! Don't be fooled by the "appella" in the parentheses, this version of "Nu Nu" is some serious heat when used right in any club with proper soundsystem.

Lidell Townsell - Nu Nu (Nu Appella)


New Usher

New Usher club joint. My choice is the rapless version which i'm gonna share with you. Here at 320

Usher - Love In This Club (rapless) *REMOVED*

Ron Trent

The run out groove on side A said it all "This masterpiece will be a classic forever.." Fun fact: Ron Trent was only 15 years old when he made this one in 1990.

Ron Trent - Altered States (Original Mix)


Time warp

More 80's from the crates. A classic b-side of the Electic Avenue á la Eddy Grant. Electric Avenue was both a UK and U.S. #2 in 1983, selling over a million copies.

Eddy Grant - Time Warp


I want you to know

Random house on the legendary New York label Nu Groove Records.

Groove Committee - I Want You To Know (Vocal)

Groove Committee - I Want You To Know (Inst.)