Wish you all happy and safe new year!!!

Meet Point - Key of the Night



Forget aNYway - this is most likely the hottest sh** out right now. Or more like dancefloor weapons of mass destruction. Of course you go and buy these from Beatport/Juno/...

Duck Sauce - You're Nasty

Duck Sauce - The Motion



Rheingold is an old West-German project from the Dusseldorf the "electric city". This is their first maxi from 1980 - Drieklangs Dimensionen. According to me this is an early synth pop gem.

Rheingold - Dreiklangs Dimensionen


Curses! + Holy ghost! = GOOD

Curses! is Luca Venezia, some non-random Italian guy releasing records on institubes. However, this guy got a lucky strike since Holy Ghost! decided to have some fun with his new track (released later this spring).

Curses! - The Deep End (Holy Ghost! remix)

Womack & Womack

Womack & Womack consists of Cecil & Linda Womack. They make Disco Music. This is Teardrops, probably their biggest hit. However, most of their releases are worth buying if you spot them, since the value for money is enormous.

Womack & Womack - Teardrops (Extended)


New Thieves like us!

Yesterday Thieves like us released their first full length album Play Music. To Honour that we post our favourite Thieves like us track: Fass.

Thieves Like Us- Fass


The guys over at valerie continues to put out excellent music. This tune is a little bit old now, but is well worth to publish so that you guys that haven't heard it get the chance. This is the kind of track that makes you happy a rainy day. Pegase include some Pet Shop Boys influences, some Jarvis Cocker feeling over the vocals, some melancholy and happiness at the same time. Do you get it? probably not.

Pegase - Without reason

Laughing Light Of Plenty

First time I listened to this track I got extremely happy, it feels like the kind of low tempo stuff i've been looking since the age of five for. Probably nothing you move floors with, but a flawless low-tempo nu-disco tune. It gives me the feeling of listening to Stone Roses and some obscure dark Western German stuff at the same time. Then add some extremely laidback vocals and you have AN INCREDIBLE TRACK!!!!! SuperDuper Recomended

Laughing Light Of Plenty - The Rose

I forgot to add that this track from 2008, is the stuff you allready pay $50 at Discogs for.



Some more stuff from Faze Action. This time a pure Disco Banger!!! The track gives me Ilya Santana aka the wonderkid from canary islands vibes.

Faze action - stratus energy (Special Disco Mix)

Emergency Calling

The Off-Key Hat is a Brittish electronic project making excellent low tempo stuff. I really love this track, the dark production, the baseline, the vocals - everything is perfect + that the tempo is on a perfect level it too be played during early hours. It really reminds me of the best stuff released on italians do it better.

The Off-Key Hat - Emergency Calling


Faze Action are old boys in the game. Releasing their first 12" back in 1995. However, i firmly believe that this release is one of the better ones from their discography. Evident balearic and italo influences and add a cheezy disco baseline on that makes this track one of the best stuff out for the momement.

Faze Action - Hypnotic(dub)


Lucci Capri, I basically don't know a shit about this guy. Only that he has done some serious remixing of country superstar JJ Cale and Eurythmics. However, here is some new stuff from Signore Capri that i picked up the other day.

Lucci Capri - Sky Way

Then some more cosmic madness from Eskimo recordings and Maelstrom.

Maelstrom - Valdressfjellet

The Embassy at Permanent Vacation

The first collaboration between the Munich based record label Permanent Vacation and Service has resulted in one of last years best remixes. The track Lurking is a fairly old tune from the album Tacking released by the Gothenburgian duo The Embassy in 2005. However, Tensnake apperently saw some potential in the track, and the result is just awesome.

The Embassy - Lurking (Tensnake Remix)



NERD NETWORK AT EROTTAJA SATURDAY 14.3 w/ 80's Cop, Fyrre and Mange. Be prepared for a lot of blog stuff, nu disco and italo. See you there, and here you get a small hint of what its gonna be like on Saturday.

Tensnake - Keep Believin


Kris Menace @ Redrum tonight

And a small reminder: Nerd Network favorite Kris Menace will be at Redrum tonight so if you don't have made any plans yet this event is strongly recommended.

Underworld - Ring Road (Kris Menace Remix)